We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities available in teaching, orphanage work, HIV/Aids work and medical placements in both urban and rural Kenya.

Volunteers are placed in community schools, public schools, nursery schools or orphanage schools. Many of the schools we work with are constantly understaffed and are always in need of new volunteers. In this program, volunteers can work by themselves or alongside other teachers and volunteers. Typical subjects taught include English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art and Physical Education. School in Kenya runs for three terms a year (Term One January to April, Term Two May to August, Term Three September to November). There are short breaks between these terms during which time volunteers can take a break, travel, engage in tourist activities such as safari, take tutorials for senior students, participate in another placement or visit our partner organization in East Africa countries. N.B. Volunteers DO NOT need to be a qualified or experienced teacher.

Orphanage Work
Due to the high incidences of poverty and illness orphanages in Kenya can host 50-300 children at any one time and there is always a high demand for more volunteer assistance. Volunteers who work in an orphanage help with general work and daily chores. This work ranges from cooking and cleaning to farm work, assisting with feeding programs, caring for children and babies and teaching.

In many African countries such as Kenya, HIV/Aids is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people each and every year. In an effort combat this deadly disease, many hospital and local NGOs are presently running HIV/AIDS testing, counseling, and an awareness campaigns in Kenya. Our HIV/AIDS volunteer program is aimed at giving care and support to the HIV infected and also creating awareness to vulnerable groups about the dangers of HIV/Aids through HIV/Aids outreach programs. These Outreach programs are generally done through schools and community groups while work consists of; visiting patients in their homes, helping with medical care and food, conducting lessons to educate people on the dangers of HIV and how to prevent themselves from getting infected. Our program is organized in collaboration with Government institutions, NGOs, and community based organization CBOs who are working very closely with the communities and HIV/Aids patients.

Medical Placement
Healthcare is neither easily accessible nor affordable for many Kenyans living in the rural villages and slums such as Kibera slums in Nairobi and Obunga slums in Kisumu. Poverty creates a large barrier to the acquisition of health care in general, but in rural areas in particular. The Kenyan Government has authorized our program partner to place medical students and professionals in their clinics and hospitals. These dispensaries and hospitals have very basic equipment and facilities. Volunteers are placed in a hospital or dispensary based on previous medical training and experience.
N.B. For the Medical Placement, volunteers need to be training or qualified in a relevant medical field. Therefore, volunteers are required to present a copy of their qualifications and certificates to our program partner on arrival in Kenya. But those who are interested to volunteer with the team to help arrange the mobile clinics by pitching tents, helping patients to be in line can join


Through our project on Community Development Through sports which take place in the slums in Kisumu volunteers could get a chance to interact with slum kids, play with them every evening after school, help them in cleaning the slums and doing community activities.


Volunteers must be over 18 years of age at the beginning of the program and have at least a high school education. Volunteers participating in the Medical Placement must have appropriate training and certification (to be presented to our partner staff on arrival in Kenya).

Volunteers Hosting

Those who will be working with the orphanages will be hosted in the orphanages while those who will not be volunteering in the orphanages will be hosted on secure hosting houses which will be organized by our organization.

 Volunteers also get time to visit historic sites of their choice and have fun during the time they have been allocated for holidays.If you want to volunteer with us fill the form below and we will get back to you soon.

Volunteer Form

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