C.D.T.S is a project working with the marginalised group in Kisumu slums in Kenya.

The project uses sports as a tool to get access to the children and youths at the slums. The project brings youths and children from different slums, with different background and from different ethnic tribes together to have exchange and learn on life skills such us

  • Conflict resolution
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Violence prevention
Our project Pitch is "Play for Fun Learn For Life" Our Main stakeholders are the youths students,Community Based Organizations,Local goverment,Media,NGOs and the general public.For more information on  C.D.T.S check our sport site  CLICK HERE 


This Project is an after school program where Children and youths from the slums of Kisumu come together  and share.They are brought together through reading story books of old African stories which teaches them lessons on life skills,environment,health and culture.The books that we are using  now come from Coachitnetwork This enhance the children to improve their vocabulary and get assistance with their home work.

This project work with  Primary schools,Secondary schools and colleges to increase the knowledge on the effect and the possible control measures on Climate change towards sustainable development.This is to be achieved through sensitization on global warming matters to the students and coming up with activities such us planting trees,proper waste management among others.It is a participatory approach project where the stakeholders of varied environment come up together to curb possible effects of climate change in their regions. 

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