Destiny Vision Youth Group has young activists who are talented,ambitious ,active and  ready to give their services back to the community with a goal  "united we can".We have committed ourselves not to boss but to be servants and ready to be philanthropist at all times.This are some of the organizations that have include our members and some all the group in promoting peace.

Brian Magwaro of DVYG on the national Newspaper

Ministry of Youth and Sports Kenya  

Just after their was a little calm  in Kenya after the post election violence in Kenya the  government decided to create a forum in every part of the country  to promote peace and teach the young people on the importance of peace after finding that alot of youths participated so much in the violence.Many youth groups were resistance but because of the heart we have for our country we decided to stand and support peace though it was not easy for us because Kisumu  city was one of the  mostly affected places all over the country because it is the ODM Presidential candidate home.We were put to lead all the groups to sing our national anthem which has a strong message of peace then we followed by our performance of the song we wrote and recorded to promote peace in Kenya. 

Voluntary Youth Philanthropist

One of our member was taken to take part with VYP in their peace caravan that took place in  North Eastern part of the country passing through some parts of  Central province.The caravan that took two weeks had participants from different part of the country and our member represented Kisumu city.They were on the road stoping at different stages having  dialogue with youths in every  stop over and collecting what peace means to them.Though VYP had to take this hard choice because their was still hatred among tribes and the participants were from every tribe moving to different places where their tribe is not needed but they took the risk because of the need of peace in the country.They participated in many activities which was to facilitate on peace in the country.

Esperance Rwanda with Fifa World cup 2010 organizing committee 

In March 2009 we took part in the East African caravan promoting peace and football all over the East African countries which was organized by Esparance from Rwanda.Each country was to produce six  participants and DVYG produced the four participants from Kenya and this is because of our good work on peace.DVYG was the main partnership in Kisumu Kenya where we organized and mobilized for this great event.We went all over East Africa as a team and we learnt alot from youths from different countries and also collected alot of information that will help us.  

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