Caravanamani will be partnering with us in the Global climate change and conflict conversation with school children,pupils,students and youths in Kisumu on the 22nd of April 2010.The event will take place in Josana Academy a school with a story to remember  while the Kenya is preparing to go to the constitution election this year again.

Why we choosed Josana Academy as the host school?

 Josana Academy is one of the best private schools in Kisumu and in Kenya but that’s not the real reason for us to choose the place, The reason is Kenya now is preparing to go to the constitution referendum and Kenyans will have to vote Yes or No to the constitution and this is what everybody is awaiting to see if the constitution will be passed or it will be rejected.

 In the year 2005 Kenya had also the same exercise where the constitution was rejected and this led to a divide in Kenya where people were divided into two the Orange (NO) team and the Banana (YES) team. Their were a lot of clashes and violence during this team. But the most tragedic one was in Kisumu when the Yes team which was lead by a former MP Raphael Tuju who is also a Lou visited Kisumu city which was known as the No team stand and they say they don’t want Bananas (which means they don’t want yes team) .To the residents of Kisumu it was an abuse because how can all people from Lou Nyanza campaign for No while him (Raphael Tuju) campaign for Yes.

 So a very tough violence occurred where  the people were fighting the police who tried to guard the Yes team as the time went it erupt to be violence in the whole city where roads were blocked with burned tyres,stones and even fenced. The police were also chased and beaten by stones. They tried using rubber bullet but people could not stop until they started using live bullets and as the violence continue pupils were going back home from school that’s when about four school children who were innocent were shot dead and one of the children was from Josana Academy where the event will take place.Josana academy recited a poem during the burial of their schoolmate which led Members of Parliament into tears. This event will be important to be hosted in that school and it will also remind the schools on what happened during a time like this in 2005.

The schools that are invited are both public and private schools both primary and secondary schools some have clubs to address this issues but some doesn’t have so this will be a better plat form for sharing for those who have this clubs and a good time for those schools who don’t have to create clubs for climate change, peace and conflict clubs which will be discussing on this matter and have arrangements to meet once at a time as the teachers will agree and this clubs will be sustained and be one of the clubs in the school.

The schools has also unique backgrounds for example golden elites are one of the schools that have been getting national drama awards and perform for the president with their dramas and poems that talk about conflict.

Below is the map of the Caravanamani 2010 route.

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